Bienvenido al pie de la Sierra Madre

Nestled under the foothills of the Sierra Madre lie intersecting rivers and a unique ecosystem that have been burdened by cattle ranching for decades. But for even longer, Jaguars, Pumas and Ocelots are just a few inhabitants that have called this area of Mexico home. Nearly 150 miles south of the Arizona border this region has been successfully transitioning back to its pre-ranching days due to the concerted efforts of The Northern Jaguar Project. Habitat fragmentation, hunting, revenge killing and climate change have contributed to ongoing threats faced by these cats and their environment. In addition to the impactful educational programs in surrounding communities, programs like the Viviendo con Felinos enable long lasting allies in the fight for the survival of this entire ecosystem. This particular program incentivizes ranchers to halt all violent activities aimed at the cats (in addition to their prey sources) with an agreement that places camera traps in their respective ranches to document their movements for study. This approach has been so successful that ranchers are lining up to the door asking for approval. However, the criteria is very strict and encourages this ambassadorship for the cats to help facilitate changing attitudes in the Sonora ranching communities.